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And Now For Something Completely Different.


GF cover 3-6-13_edited-1


Sometimes life doesn’t give us Hollywood endings, so we have to create our own.  This fictional memoir introduces Clarissa Daring, whose granddaughter Olivia abruptly went missing from her cottage in the little village of Gales Ferry.  Clarissa is warm, gentle, and loves her family; she also isn’t altogether all too fond of toads.  Toadcraft is something to which Clarissa is no stranger.  From her youth in the rural mountains of New Hampshire to the boys her granddaughters bring home to dinner, Clarissa is able to put into words that sense we all have that something just seems off about a toad.  This is a story of how Clarissa ended up saving not only Olivia, but Olivia’s sister Anne as well.

We’ll post an excerpt soon.


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Fixing it.

Troops, I’d like to present the latest volume in the Aunt Alex’s Army compendium.

mending the mirror



Mending the Mirror: What Science and Medicine Have to Say About Fixing the Narcissistic Personality, In Plain English, is the result of Aunt Alex spending many late nights curled up with scientific studies, books, and medical journals, shaking her head in frowning disbelief, vowing to spread the word to the troops about her findings.  And her findings just aren’t pretty, Troops.


brain scans - psychopaths


Does it ever seem like the mental health world has hope to offer people with personality disorders and their families, but the hope tends to be very vague and the evidence very obscure?  In Mending the Mirror, we’ve sorted out what the research has been, what the findings are, what has been tried, and what the scientists are working on now.  We’ll go through why that hope is so vague — and why toads act the way they do.  We’ll do all of this with scientific data and medical references, all in plain, clear, simple English (something at which scientists and doctors tend to be somewhat untrained).



I’d like some thoughtful feedback about this book.  If you’re interested and willing, please drop me a line at alexandranouri@gmail.com.  The first six responses will get a free digital file of the book, and in return I ask only for an honest review on Amazon.




In the meantime, the above was taken at Army Headquarters, where it is currently a brisk 8 degrees Fahrenheit.  Factor in the wind chill, and it’s -15  — that’s fifteen below zero, thank you very much.  Bundle up, Troops.  Mother Nature is reminding us who’s the boss.




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At Amazon.


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At Amazon.




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