The Friday Five: October 4, 2013


Today’s Friday Five: Five Narcissists On Parade.



1. Andrew Weiner.

Andrew Weiner is running for Mayor of New York City.  He has a past history of sending pictures of his winkie to women on the Internet, in order to relax.  He got caught, and promised not to do it anymore.  Then, he did it again, shaming his high-profile wife and humiliating his campaign.  He is hoping the citizens of NY will assume he has better control of fiscal responsibilities than he does of his body parts.



2. Lance Armstrong.

Lance was a major hero to millions, both as a star biking athlete and a recovered cancer patient.  Lance was accused of taking steroids and other performance drugs while competing, a charge which he vehemently denied.  And vehemently denied.  And vehemently denied.  Then, OK, I did it.  Quit making a big deal out of it, y’all!


furlong 2furlong

3. Edward Furlong. 

You may remember him as heroic young John Connor, the kid who kicked the Terminator’s ass.  The Army knows him as some actor assclown who can’t seem to stop violating restraining orders that women take out against him.  Laws is hard!!


saatchi 2saatchi

4. Charles Saatchi.  

This past summer, this wealthy, accomplished gentleman apparently thought he could physically batter his wife, TV cooking goddess Nigella Lawson, in public and get away with it.  How’d that work out for you, Chuck?



5. Jimmy Savile. 

Just…. no.  Sometimes, alas, the Grim Reaper comes about 60 years too late.  :-(


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6 Responses to The Friday Five: October 4, 2013

  1. recovered

    Dear Aunt Alex: Is that seriously his name, Andrew WEINER? That made me laugh in itself!! DAMN, some of these toads can also be pretty damn ugly. Chuck, with his hand around her neck brought back some memories for me – worked out as well for him as it did for the slime that was once in my life. When I see this I see all that festering, self loathing, dark evil they are inside, they are unable to contain it or live with it, so they use physical force on others – it represents everything that is broken and sick within themselves. Wonder what he is saying as he is doing this to her? “I want my dinner on time” sick bastard toad!! I would serve him a plate of flies and maggots –

    I am a small ant in this army but my voice counts. I march for a good cause. Happy to be a part of your “army”

  2. Aunt Alex

    You’re no small ant, Sweetie. You’re a fully commissioned Commander. Salute! :-)

    • recovered

      that is a tremendous compliment coming from you Aunt Alex – boy does it feel good to have graduated with honors in this educational experience. There is a tremendous reward in this when all is said and done; the rewards far surpass the pain we suffered. The pain was only temporary, it passed. What awaits on the other side is life changing, I have had the greatest education that in many ways I feel luck to have had, and not just about toads but more importantly about myself. I still cant bring myself to be thankful to the toad for the lessons he taught me. ( I highly doubt that was his agenda ha ha) Perhaps I should thank the disorder that woke me up and showed me the truth about myself and why I allowed men to abuse me. Guess it took a psychopath to force me to find the answers.

      I march now to the tune of a different drum and always will –

  3. Valerie

    Only his first name is “Anthony”… otherwise, carry on :)

  4. No longer a container for toad poison

    May I add No. 6?

    A psychopath of moderate reknown working the higher academic hierarchy, manipulating affinity groups, appreciating with an uncanny ability profoundly empathic, highly sensitive introverts among other rarer breeds.

    He tried to establish a dominance bond with me. How did that work out for him? Oh, he got his rotten arse kicked to the kerb? Kudos to me!

    (There is no one who can compare to your hilarious take on these losers than you, Ms Nouri. Thank you so much for your irrepressible humor.)

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