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  1. Nansee

    This is so true. We accept the lie because we loved how we were loved in the beginning. We love the dream of our “happily ever after” with our “soul-mate.”
    While I took in every promise with trust and hope for the future, my intuition told me that not only was he lying, I was also lying to myself. In a relationship with a narc, there’s always something that isn’t quite right. There is always an element that makes us feel that we are not enough: we have to work really hard to keep him engaged, we must mind our words and actions, try really hard to be pretty, we notice the wandering eyes , there are unexplained absences etc. A true love doesn’t require all of that work. A person who loves you, loves what you are, not what you are not. He’s all in and works for you!!! When you are unhappy he wonders why and works hard to make it better. The work is mutual and the goal is a common one.

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