Seen Around Town

Or a shove off a cliff.


When the narcissist shamelessly, pathetically begs for your attention and admiration, that’s your cue — to run fast, run far.  But it’s OK if you want to push him down a flight of stairs first.  Who wouldn’t?


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  1. April

    If only I had recognized that red flag when it happened!!! It would have saved me SO much grief.

  2. Lo

    I will not go into what happened because it is too insane and heartbreaky but please whatever you do if you want to heal from the cluster B trainwreck assclown you kinda sorta thought/ hoped was your boyfriend you MUST do no contact. They are not like you and me..I sometimes wonder if they just sit around and play out scenes in their twisted heads to see how they can mess with yours in the most nasty way..I have only had/have 1 of these asshats in my life and one is way too many. Ugh..God help us all.

    • Mary

      One has confessed to me many times that he spends so much time thinking of possible scenarios and outcomes that he puts so much effort into it, it is why he has to sleep more than most people.

      So yes, he enjoys the dance. NC for 3 weeks and I’m feeling the disconnect of his emotional ties to me. I’m feeling free for the first time in years.

      • Lo

        Mary it is so creepy..he Lovebombed me after 5 days of No Contact and I mean hardcore connecting and holding all night, holding my face staring into my eyes saying “what am I going to do with out you?” “I love you do you love me?” “if only we could be together, can’t we be together?” Mr tender pants..then the next day Kapow!
        “I don’t know what I want!” “I am so tired of all of this” It was all punishment for my seeking freedom from his crap or his sick way of discarding me without looking like the bad guy …so I am back at it.. no contact and lo and behold he is not contacting me this time. I am happy to give him the last word. Let him think he has taught me a lesson or that he is some kind of break up superhero. Yes I cried today and yet I can’t wait to see what my toxin free life will be like.

  3. Shannon

    Oh wow! Something else which fits! Now I know why I’ve been forced to go to bed at 8:30 pm on a weekend and not be allowed to make a sound or move till 11:30 the next morning, not even to use the bathroom, without getting yelled at and blamed for all the worlds problems for the rest of the day!!! Here’s a question… Do they all have OCD as well?

    • Lo think it is a control thing like his dumb toy is not working properly anymore. It is making too much noise! My ex (thank you baby Jesus) cluster B Trainwreck was the same way. If he could put you in a box on the shelf only to pull you out in “mint” condition he would..and since he can’t well..what else is there to do but holler at you right?

  4. Shannon

    Lo, I would adore the chance to have a long chat with u if it was somehow possible. The experience you have with the cluster b train wreck sounds extremely familiar. I have a feeling my toad jailer is a narc/ OCPD hybrid… Honestly, I don’t even care anymore what his diagnosis is; Toad works just fine in regards to that.. I’m more concerned with any additional self building advice u may have that could help me get out of this demented wonderland with level head intact! His little toy wants to turn Chucky on his tail but I know that would only give him more ammo against me in the end.

  5. cindy lu

    Love that pic and would like to help him off the cliff but he jumped on his own after he saw all my Auntie Alex books on my reader!!! Woo Hoo! Score one for the army and this gal is happily free again!

  6. Toadfree

    Control isn’t just a big thing for Toads; it is the only thing. I had one who would not let me sleep. It’s midnight, I’ve got to be up at 5:30 a.m. and the TV is blaring. That went on for years. Another tactic was to refuse to eat unless I ate what he did and an equal amount. I call that my involuntary vegetarian phase. And then after force-feeding me, the Toad would criticize my weight. So, it’s important to realize that there can never be a happy medium with Toads. There is no negotiation. No consideration. It’s their way or the highway, but you can only use the highway with their permission.

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