And Now For Something Completely Different.


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Sometimes life doesn’t give us Hollywood endings, so we have to create our own.  This fictional memoir introduces Clarissa Daring, whose granddaughter Olivia abruptly went missing from her cottage in the little village of Gales Ferry.  Clarissa is warm, gentle, and loves her family; she also isn’t altogether all too fond of toads.  Toadcraft is something to which Clarissa is no stranger.  From her youth in the rural mountains of New Hampshire to the boys her granddaughters bring home to dinner, Clarissa is able to put into words that sense we all have that something just seems off about a toad.  This is a story of how Clarissa ended up saving not only Olivia, but Olivia’s sister Anne as well.

We’ll post an excerpt soon.


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7 Responses to And Now For Something Completely Different.

  1. Conny

    You wrote a novel? How cool is that!? Checking it out on Amazon.

    • Aunt Alex

      You go, girl. :-) Tell me how you like it.


      • Conny

        I liked it. It is a great debut novel. I would liked to have seen a little bit more narc pathology in there but otherwise, a good job done!

        • Aunt Alex

          Thanks for the feedback. And, regarding more pathology in the villain character — wait til you see the next one.

          • Conny

            Ahhh, so you are writing a new one! Great! I will be checking it out, for sure.
            I would love to write something worth reading one day. If only I had the guts to do it. Admiring your guts right now!

  2. Ledyard Resident

    Ohhhh, I just read the preview on Amazon. As a Ledyard resident (you know, one of those outsiders from “the other side of town”), I was instantly drawn into your description of the area and the people here. Though fictional, I couldn’t help but try to put real names to your characters! I appreciated the nod to our dear Mrs. Snow. Your characterization of the true natives of the area was spot on. What a fun read, I’ll be downloading it shortly….

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