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The Sunday Six: Six Things On the Internet, Free of Charge.

Troops, Aunt Alex loves you, and so she wants to make sure you know about things like these.

1. Unlimited music you will really like.



Some buy many, many tracks on Amazon

Troops find it free of charge, here:


2. All of Peter McWilliams’ books.

mcw 1

mcw 2

Some buy them on Amazon.

Troops find all books by Peter McWilliams, free of charge, here:


3. All the deeply moving photos your soul can stand.

appalachia 1964


anne frank

Some buy lots of magazines.

Troops find them free of charge, here:


4. Scamworld: The Story, and The Video.


Some buy it on Amazon.

Troops, to find it free of charge, click on the book image.


 5.  What the Dog Saw, by Malcolm Gladwell.


Some buy it on Amazon.

Troops find all the chapters in article form, free of charge.  Click on the book image.


6.  Absolutely Fabulous.

You want to see some pop culture narcissists in action?  You’ll like how ridiculous the ladies of Ab Fab can be.

Some buy the DVDs.

Troops find episodes free of charge on LogoTV.  (And youtube.)

More to come, dears.


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