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Now, this isn’t something you want to share with any narcissists, but it is such a sweet sentiment.  Never, ever, EVER.  I get all warm inside when I hear it.  *sniff*

Hyperbole aside, let’s talk a minute about the word ‘never’.  ‘Never’ means ‘I’d rather shave my eyebrows with a rusty chainsaw than ever be in the same room with you again’.  It can also mean ‘You’re a deadbeat, and you’ve been evicted permanently from my head’.  ‘Never’ does NOT mean,  ‘I want to be dramatic and give an ultimatum, but of course I don’t mean it’.  It doesn’t mean that at all.  The Army is very clear on this, Cadets.  Give YOURSELF chances, not narcissists.  Be emotionally generous to YOURSELF, not toads.

Here’s a version for the gents.  This one is fun.


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