The Sunday Six

Aunt Alex didn’t get the Friday Five out as expected. So, here we are:

Six Ways to Leave Your Narcissistic “Lover”

1. Just get out.
2. Fast.
3. Run, don’t walk.
4. Never look back.
5 Don’t bother leaving a “Dear John” letter.
6. Feel free to take any of his pets with you as a humanitarian rescue effort, unless they’re as psychotic as he is. If he balks later, tell him they must have escaped his BS when they saw the going was good, just like everyone else.


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6 Responses to The Sunday Six

  1. Eve

    7. Tell him you will be right back with a six pack…..

  2. Heh. And then ask him for a couple hundred dollars before you go, so you can “stock up”.

  3. Lee

    When he left he asked what I wanted. I said, the kids and the dog. He waved his hand dismissively, they’re all yours. He meant important (to him) stuff like money.
    The dog had nothing to do with him when he visited his kids. Wish I was as perceptive as the dog.
    His parting words were that he met his soulmate, who, oh, had money- she was his big opportunity to be a power couple- but let’s not get divorced just in case it does not work out with her- yes he did say that. To his wife of 25 years.
    Narcissist, ya think?

  4. I wanted to take the fish, but it would’ve been a bit hard to hide that when I ran out the door. Strapping a 50 gallon tank to my back didn’t seem the wisest way to make a quick exit.

  5. Paylar

    Love the list!! I wish I could pick up and run!! I have two teenagers and a dog. I plan on moving out–with them.
    Seriously!! How do I leave so that he’s not going to spend the rest of the divorce trying to punish me. (Yes, I know he probably will, anyway…) Do I give him a day’s notice? A week’s? Do I hand him the divorce papers as I walk I the door?
    I understand the theory….I need a real plan at this point!

    • Aunt Alex

      Paylar, get the best lawyer you can afford. Two, get the best therapist you can afford. Three, never engage him alone in a dialog again. Tell him you want to go through email. (Also, tell him in an email that you want to go through email.) That way, his manipulative BS is all on record for the viewing.

      These steps won’t stop him from being an ass (nothing will), but they sure will help it to hurt less. Good luck. # hugs #

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