Good on ya, Part II

Just an updated shout-out to the Friends who left reviews over at Amazon. Reviews help readers make a choice. The comments posted there, they rock, and Case, Melanie, Annie, Avenging, Caroline, Abbey, so do you. It’s not easy, putting yourself out there like that and expressing a strong, positive public opinion about a snarky book. Amazonian Commenters, if you want to email me your snailmail address, I’ll have the elves at the Distribution Cottage (love those elves) send you a paperback copy of “So. You’re in Love With a Narcissist.” The paperback has two typos (what the elves might lack in perfection, they more than make up for in their coolness factor). Those typos, they’re no extra charge.


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3 Responses to Good on ya, Part II

  1. Marguerite — good on ya. Email me your snailmail address, and I’ll send you a paperback of the first book.

  2. case

    Alex – got the book. Love it! Thanks!

  3. mika

    Dear Alex ,thank you for being!
    do you intend to make this book available in kindle format ?
    I would like to read it . i downloaded from amazon the Army Manual on whom i found very helpfull . I am for Romania and glad to find your site . Here we lack this type of education / information on Narcissism.

    A big hug from me.


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